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Despite what you may have read, it is not known how the megaliths that make up the circle at Stonehenge were cut, transported and placed so precisely by a primitive ancient society. Apparently, apart from the circle itself, there are other anomalous happenings associated with the site...

Strange Events around Stonehenge
(November 2002)

The majority of Englishmen know the Salisbury Valley because of the ancient Stonehenge monument. However very few people know that the ruins are haunted by UFOs. In August 1957, a war game was held between the London garrison and the Royal Guards from Liverpool in the mentioned valley. According to the battle’s conditions, the defending side (the London garrison) was equipped with five Centurion tanks. The tanks performed a defensive role: they manoeuvred and fired at the centre of the area. When the tanks were getting ready for the combat mission, the crew of one of the tanks reported that they saw a large, silver, cigar-shaped object; they reported that the tank was ready to open fire.

After the report, no more information could be obtained about the tank, and none of its traces could be found. The tank simply disappeared.

Really strange things occur around Stonehenge. One Englishman decided to fly a kite near Stonehenge. He stood on the bed of his pickup, and the kite flew up and up towards the sky. Suddenly, when the kite flew above the cromlech’s edges, 150-200 yards from the car park, a strange unknown source of energy hurt the man’s hands. The man lost his conscience and fell down from his car. His wounds healed only after six months.

There is another even more fantastic phenomenon. Once, a group of people heard some strange sounds from the direction of the stones. These people immediately left, but the strange sound went up into the sky with a buzzing. Then, these people saw something resembling a huge wheel of fire, turning as it flew up into the sky. Later, after they returned home, they saw a female figure dressed in yellow clothes. The woman’s hair was long, and her coiffure resembled an ancient Egyptian one. This even gave them the impression that they witnessed a struggle between good and the evil.

One Czech artist says that levitation of sounds was used when Stonehenge was built; the levitation was caused by the strengths of sound and thought...

Source: Pravda
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