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The Andros platform has all the characteristics of an ancient breakwater enclosing a harbour...the paved area to the north of the platform appears to be a quay...

Update on the Underwater Stone Platform at Andros Island

(October 2003)

As previously reported, during the 2003 A.R.E. Search for Atlantis Project, we unexpectedly discovered a three-tiered stone formation off the coast of Andros at Nicholls Town. The structure is about 150 feet wide and 450 yards long. It is comprised of huge blocks of stone, with most of the visible blocks 25 by 30 feet and two-feet thick. While we found the ruins of what appeared to be a ramp leading up the structure from the deeper lagoon on the inside of the formation, two other significant finds were made. The first of these finds was made as we were reviewing video for our documentary on the expeditions.

While Greg was changing scuba tanks in the boat, Lora videotaped an area of the platform from the surface. However, because she was looking through a small viewfinder on the video camera, she couldn't see details on the bottom.

In our later review of the video, an interesting finding was made. On the surface of one of the large blocks we could clearly see a square indentation 'bored' into the stone. The square indentation was about 5 by 5 inches. It was at least 4-5 inches deep, but had sand in it. Thus, we do not know how deep the square hole actually goes. It looked about the size of a square posthole. We also noted less impressive marks on a few stones but a few of these looked like cut marks...

Source: Dr. Greg Little,
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